Everything you need to know about Wedding Insurance!

Asheville, NC based Destination Wedding & Elopement Photographer shares Everything you need to know about Wedding Insurance.

Everything you need to know about Wedding Insurance! AshevilleWeddingPhoto.com 688 Asheville Wedding Photography

Hindsight… it’s a hell of a thing, huh?

I have no idea why wedding insurance wasn’t “a thing” long before COVID turned our world on it’s head! It makes total sense to have it! It seems like a no brainer, really…

By the time your Wedding Day arrives, you guys will have spent countless hours planning and preparing for your wedding and more than that, you will have invested thousands of dollars into making your weddings dreams come true!

Why wouldn’t you want to protect that investment!?

Basically, there are 2 types of wedding insurance coverage, and yes, you should have both!

Liability – Covers accidents, damages, or injuries.  Think: Aunt Sally had 1 too many cosmo’s, is jamming out to ‘Ride Sally Ride’, and bumps your elegant flower display – knocking it right onto several rows of stemware.  Oops!  

Cancellation – Covers severe/extreme weather scenarios, military deployment, venue closures, and some illnesses or injuries of the bride/groom or their immediate family members.

Everything you need to know about Wedding Insurance! AshevilleWeddingPhoto.com 80 1 Asheville Wedding Photography

Being that we’re more than a year in, it’s important to remember that since Coronavirus is now a ‘known’ pandemic and is a likely cause of cancellations, many insurance companies are not covering Covid-19 related claims at this time.  Many wedding venues and vendors already have their own policies, but they usually don’t cover everything.  Ask about your Venue’s policies (or homeowner’s policies if the event is at someone’s house) and then fill in the gaps with your own private insurance.  If you don’t have a wedding planner to do the research for you, just call the insurance company directly and ask all the questions!  They want your business, so they will help you figure out which coverage add-ons will cover your wedding in its entirety.  Expect the cost to be somewhere between $130-$600, a relative drop in the bucket to protect your investment into the most amazing day of your life!

So when should you purchase your policy?  As soon as you think about putting down any kind of a deposit, go ahead!  Many policies can be purchased up to 24 months in advance, and it won’t hurt to go ahead and get that peace of mind.  However, if your wedding is next week and you’re just learning that wedding insurance is a thing, don’t stress!  EWed Insurance can write your policy super fast! (See ewedinsurance.com.)

Other nationwide providers include:

o   *Travelers – travelers.com/eventinsurance

o   *WedSure – wedsure.com

o   *The Event Helper – theeventhelper.com/weddinginsurance

o   *Markel – markelinsurance.com/wedding

After you secure Wedding Insurance, you still have to make sure to do some of your own CYA also!  Keep a folder with all of your contracts and receipts, and if possible, archive any email threads with your vendors.  This way you have a record of ALL the things, and enough proof to back up any claims!

Good Luck Future Mrs! You got this! 😉