How to Relax & Enjoy your Wedding Day

Because… Some things WILL go Wrong.

When I started thinking about and researching what I could write about that you might find helpful, funny or inspirational — I looked to my former brides for inspiration and they sure delivered! 😉

I actually compiled THIRTEEN pages of advice from them as inspiration for this post!

One piece of advice that kept showing up in one form or another was: “Some things WILL go wrong!”

So, I started thinking back over the years to all of the things that I’ve seen “go wrong” on a wedding day… I’ve legit seen it ALL!

Inquiring minds ask me for the juicy deets ALL the time, so here’s a quick list of a few things that come to mind:

Floral is delivered and it’s all totally wrong.

Bride rips her dress with her heel.

Maid of honor gets belligerent at the rehersal dinner & ghosts on wedding day.

Rain. Lots of Rain.

Narcissistic Family Members making the day ALL about themselves.

Mother of the Bride arguing with the Bride on her Wedding Day.

Mother of the Bride doesn’t arrive in time for the Ceremony.

Officiant didn’t show up.

Officiant uses someone else’s name throughout the entire ceremony.

Groom decide he’s just gonna “wing it” for is vows and then crashes and burns.

Bride and Groom argue on Wedding Day.

Red Mud all over the bottom of the Bride’s beautiful dress from standing in a puddle to say her vows.

Wedding Cake gets smashed when a sudden stop during transport sends it flying against the wind shield of the delivery van.

Mother & Father of the Bride get lost in the mountains. Highway Patrol was dispatched. Everyone waited for 2hrs outside. In the middle of the day. With no shade. In July.

The DJ that aunt & uncle gifted shows up with a 1990 Mac Desktop and nothin by 90’s country hits he pirated from Napster in 1999 on it.

Groom gets HAMMERED before the Ceremony. Passes out during the reception.

Groom gets HAMMERED and gets real inappropriate with one of the guests during the reception. #awkward

Aunt “Linda” gets hammered and lights up a cigarette using the outdoor heaters inside the Reception Tent.

Super Awkward speeches/toasts by very drunk best men (like 1 out of every 5 weddings! LOL). 😉

Drunk groomsman insults Bride’s Grandma & a fist fight/brawl breaks out between that Groomsman, Grandpa, Father of the Bride, and Cousins… it was hands down, the most Insane thing that I’ve ever seen happen at a wedding!


So, why did I share all of this with you!?

Because I know very well that sometimes when we’re (IN) it, it’s super hard to remember that things could be MUCH worse and it can be really hard to see the humor in a bad situation that hopefully you’ll laugh about one day!

Perhaps two of the best pieces of advice that my former Brides shared was:

“Try not to stress about the small stuff, even if it doesn’t seem small at the time! Just roll with it and enjoy your day!”

“At the end of the day, everything will work out and if something doesn’t go according to plan, it’s OKAY because your guests have no idea what you had planned, you will be the only one who knows anything was off!”

I still remember what one of my very first Brides said to me on her wedding day (twelve years ago) when I walked into her bridal suit and asked her how she was feeling.

She said: “I’ve done everything I can do to make this day perfect, if it hasn’t been done by now, it’s not going to get done! I’m just here for the M.R.S. & champagne!”

This is SO true!

You’ll spend weeks, months and for some of you, even a year or more planning and preparing every last detail for this very special day and some of you have been dreaming about this day since you were a little girls!

Inevitably, there’s a whole lot of tension and expectation wrapped up in this moment.

So, what can you do to calm & center yourself before your Wedding Day?

Give yourself a Deadline. A definitive date (at least few days before the celebrations begin) when all of the wedding planning/prep has to be completely FINISHED.

When your deadline arrives, it’s time to put. it. all. away. and be done with the planning/prep!!

Let the people who ask you if you “need anything” or “how can I help”… LET THEM HELP YOU.

In those last few days before the wedding, you need to do only three things:


You can do it alone to clear your head, together with your husband to be or with friends but girl you have got to get out, get some fresh air, some sunshine and just get a good sweat in! 🙂


Get a Massage, Take a long bath. Get your hair colored/cut & get that mani/pedi!

Taking care of yourself is going to make you look good and feel good on your wedding day! 😉


Turn those phones off. Go on a Date. Have an amazing meal & a couple drinks! Talk. Laugh. Have Sex. (you’re welcome, sir!)

Wedding Planning is most definitely a marathon. It’s stressful. It’s distracting and it’s (praise the Lawr’t – in Madea voice) over!

Disconnecting from all the distractions and connecting with each other before your big day is probably the #1 thing you can do to center yourself & relax before your wedding!

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When that glorious day finally arrives, try to relax & be present in all of those beautiful moments!